The Armonia 2012 is here!

It’s that time of year again! We have just received our shipment of the 2012 crop from Guatemala and it is awesome. Meaning “The Beautiful Harmony”, our project, La Armonia Hermosa, gives farmers in Santa Maria de Jesus, Guatemala new opportunities of a renewed sense of community pride, and a chance for economic sustainability. Farmers receive higher prices through increased quality, marketability and relationship to their buyers by consumers enjoying the fruit of their labors. We have been working with this particular community since 2005 and have come alongside the coffee farmers to produce a quality cup of coffee.

Every year, the farmers have harvested a wonderful crop and we have never been disappointed with the results. As of this week, we are now offering the new crop of 2012 for sale! We have done a few cupping’s with it and found that the coffee has aromatic and acidity characteristics of peach, raspberry, a buttery body, along with some nutty undertones. Overall, we would describe this as a clean cup and a wonderful addition to our wholesale and retail offerings.

Make sure to come on by the roaster this Tuesday (May 29th) at 2:00 pm for a community cupping and a chance to try the newest crop of La Armonia Hermosa!