How to store coffee at home


We’re pretty picky about how coffee is stored and honestly it’s pretty easy. There are a few ways people store coffee that we’ve encountered over the years and several of them are big no-no’s, so we figured we’d share with you quickly how we do it and why.

The basic fact to know is that roasted coffee has two enemies: oxygen and light. When you buy coffee from us you’ll notice that it’s stored in a smaller bag that has a degassing valve and doesn’t allow any light in. That valve releases pressure out of the bag as freshly roasted coffee degasses. This prevents the sealed bag from exploding without letting air back into the bag and keeping the coffee fresh. The non-transparent packaging basically keeps the light out. Brewing your coffee shortly after purchasing will also, obviously, help keep it fresh. This is primarily why we do twelve-ounce bags for the retail size packages instead of a full pound; it allows you to use it up a little faster thus keeping your coffee supply fresh.

So after you open your fresh bag of coffee the easiest way to store it is to just roll down the bag as tightly as you can, clip down the ties that are on our bags to keep it closed, use it quickly and you should be good. It’s that easy. We’ve also got some Airscape Storage Containers available on our webstore that we’ve found to be AMAZING and do a fantastic job at keeping out air and light. In fact we use them to store the coffees that we brew here at the roasterie, so yeah…we believe in the product.

Some other options we’ve been asked about:
Glass jar? No.
Freezer? NO WAY.
Vacuum seal? That’s up to you.

The key is to just seal it up and use it quickly and you’ll be one step closer to brewing better coffee at home. So go to your friend’s freezer, grab that coffee and dump it on their floor…just make sure to bring them a new bag to ease the blow. They’ll thank you for it later.

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