We are constantly working to improve on our impact on the environment as well as the lives of those with whom we work locally and globally.
This pursuit towards sustainability involves building solid partnerships with our farmers, our supply chain, and those in our community.
These relationships are what drive our decisions on how to continually improve our own processes.




In designing coffee packaging, caring for the product’s integrity as well as its environmental impact has been a struggle for the coffee industry. From the beginning we’ve been offering our 12oz packages in biodegradable bags. We have just launched our new packaging with the improved Biotre™ 2.0 bags.

These new bags are now nearly fully plant based including the high-barrier lining and the one-way degassing valve which are key to the coffee’s freshness and had previously never been available in non-plastic forms. The tin-tie at the top must be removed before composting. While the plant based bags are commercially compostable, we do realize most of our customers do not have access to commercial compost collection. “Backyard” composting can be done but the inner liner and valve (40% of bag) will not fully break down. After the outer layer has broken down (approximately 84 days), you can remove the liner and valve and discard.