Who grew my coffee?

BATCH 001: Guatemala San Miguel


San Miguel is a beautiful small town situated at the base of the volcano Agua, just outside of Antigua Guatemala. In the 16th century San Miguel was the second colonial capital of Guatemala until it was destroyed by a catastrophic mudflow from the volcano in 1541.

In present times it is a typical Guatemalan town and home to many coffee farmers. Plots of coffee stretch up the slopes of the volcano, providing the perfect location for shade-grown, high altitude coffee. There are 30 members in the San Miguel cooperative. The farmers are smallholders, owning an average of approximately 3 acres of land. The farmers and their families cultivate, harvest, and process the coffee with care. Our non-profit partner, De la Gente, works closely with the families of San Miguel.

How it all works! From Farm to Roaster to your hand then back again!

How We Give Back:

How Deeper Roots Gives Back

While being engaged in our own development work with farmers in Guatemala since 2006, we have grown to love the work that De la Gente has been doing there as well. They have a great vision for building sustainable farming communities in the country. De la Gente creates access to the necessary skills, knowledge & tools small scale Guatemalan coffee producers need to succeed.

With every bottle of Cold Black Coffee sold we are able to give 10% of our proceeds to support De la Gente’s work. Stay tuned to see how this money is being used by the farming communities in the coming years. Learn more about De la Gente at www.dlgcoffee.org

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