Solok Radjo | Sumatra

Solok Radjo | Sumatra

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All the intrigue of a wet hulled Sumatra but with blazing clarity, bright acidity and tons of sweetness.

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Solok Radjo Cooperative (600 members strong, 1-2 hectares each) is a young, energetic group and they’re roasting, visiting cafes, brewing, and putting efforts towards agronomy. 

On the ecology front, this group is serious. They have a grant from the government to re-forest 3,000 hectares of previously cleared land at the border of the national park. The first phase/test is underway now with 120 hectares. They are growing both shade tree/forest seedlings and coffee tree seedlings at their coop nursery, and they're re-making this cleared land into forest land with coffee trees growing under the canopy.

What is the Wet-Hull Process?

Also called Giling Basah (and semi-washed & semi-dried), the wet-hull process is unique in that instead of the coffee being depulped and immediately being placed on the drying beds, like with the Honey and Washed processes, after being depulped and having the parchment layer removed, the coffee, still covered in mucilage, stored for a day or so before being washed. It is then partially dried, transported to the final mill for hulling and drying.

Sumatra is an extremely damp and warm environment and Giling Basah speeds up and drying the process, otherwise, the green would retain far too much moisture.


Country/Region: Sumatra/Kerinci

Farmer: Solok Radjo Co-op

Cultivar: Various Arabica

Altitude:  1200m

Processing: Wet Hulled

We Taste: Baker’s chocolate, Orange Marmalade, Brown sugar

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