La Armonia Hermosa | Guatemala

La Armonia Hermosa | Guatemala

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This year's crop offers notes of juicy ripe plums and dark cherries with a creamy chocolate finish.

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Tasting Notes

plum, dark cherry, chocolate

About La Armonia Hermosa

La Armonia Hermosa is more to us than just the name of a coffee we offer every year; it means more than a delightful combination of flavor and body in our cups. What this coffee DOES represent is a beautiful harmony of people - producers, roasters, and coffee lovers, intertwined with one another in a journey toward deeper partnership and sustainability.

This is our flagship coffee and the reason we called ourselves Deeper Roots. Nestled high along a fertile volcano, overlooking the Antigua Valley, Santa Maria de Jesus is an idyllic home to the finest of Guatemalan coffee. The small, family farmers of this village have historically struggled to make a living growing this high quality coffee. Since we started working with these growers in 2005 we’ve been heavily and actively invested in their infrastructure, technical knowledge, and capital financing. Now, the farmers of La Armonia Hermosa coffee receive higher prices through increased quality, marketability, and relationships.

By enjoying the fruits of their labor you are giving them new opportunities, a renewed sense of community pride, and a chance for economic sustainability.

Quick Facts:

Country/Region: Guatemala / Santa Maria de Jesus

Farmer: Julio Cuy Xar

Cultivar: Various Arabica

Altitude:  1500-2000m

Processing: Washed