Jacon Family | Brazil

Jacon Family | Brazil

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Fermenty, berry jams plus marshmallow fluff...why WOULDN'T you?

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Our connection to the Jacon family

Although this is the first year we’re bringing this delicious coffee to you, it’s not our first time working with the Jacon family. Rose, of Ivan and Rose Dos Santos, is a Jacon by birth and we’re really excited to offer another great coffee from this family in Brazil our team has grown to love so much!

More about the Jacon family and this coffee

In 2008 the Jacon family started working with FAF and João Hamilton of Sitio Canaã on a new coffee production model for the Boa Vista region in Caconde.  Instead of selling their dried coffee to local buyers they work with João and FAF Coffees to raise the quality and think of coffee as a beverage and not a grain to be auctioned off. Taking control of the post-harvest processes and applying new techniques such as raised beds and careful turning allows the full potential of the coffee to come through.

The family and their neighbors have used this period to improve the health of their coffee plantations maximizing the potential of the incredible terroir of the region. United by the passion of producing high quality coffee and preserving the natural habitat which they have inherited, Boa Vista is now on a one-hundred-year plan to bring back the abundance of clean water, forests and organically grown produce for those who inhabit today and for the following generations to come.

Information courtesy of FAF Coffees


Country/Region: Brazil / Boa Vista

Farmer/Farm: the Jacon Family, Sítio Três Irmãos

Cultivar: Yellow Catuai

Altitude:  1200-1350m

Processing: Natural

Taste: raspberry jam, marshmallow, clean finish