Finca El Misterio | Honduras

Finca El Misterio | Honduras

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Located in the central Honduran municipality of Ajuterique, Comayagua, Oswald maintains a pristine farm, named Finca El Misterio that stretches from high up the steep mountainside down to the mill located next to his home. Coffee cherry is picked at some of the highest growing elevations in Honduras and transported down the mountain, via spring water in tubes, straight to the collection tank in this mill. Family and locals from the small, isolated village help pick and process the coffee before Oswald drives it down to the warmer, dry valley below to finish drying and storing. His ingenuity and drive to improve his coffee operation really bears fruit in the quality of coffee he produces and this selection of his Yellow Catuai variety is a clear example of that.

We are proud to work together with Oswald for the second year and excited to continue that relationship for many more years to come.


Country/Region: Honduras / Comayagua

Farmer: Oswald Sorto

Cultivar: Yellow Catuai

Altitude:  1700masl

Processing: Washed