Guji Natural | Ethiopia

Guji Natural | Ethiopia

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Muddle together some slightly squishy strawberries, jasmine and lemon juice. Sprinkle on some cinnamon for aromatics and won't have this coffee but it’s pretty daaaang close.

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The goal of ASB Coffee and the Dimtu coffee mill is to be one of the leading coffee producers, processors, and exporters in Ethiopia whom customers depend for quality, traceability & reliability. They integrate small scale coffee farmers in to their business as "out-growers" with goals of increasing their production capacity, paying a premium price to small-holder "out-growers" and including the small holders in to their sustainable coffee programs.

We like working with these guys through Crop To Cup Coffee Importers because they have an investment in sustainability and transparency and seek long-term relationships with their customers.  


Country/Region: Ethiopia / Guji
Farmer: Dimtu Coffee Farmers
Cultivar: Ethiopia Heirloom
Altitude:  1800-2100m
Processing: Natural
We Taste: Over-ripe strawberry, floral, lemon

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