Decaf Oaxaca | Mexico

Decaf Oaxaca | Mexico

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baker’s chocolate, praline, orange

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Forty-eight hundred feet up in the sky lies the community of San Pedro Sochiapam in Oaxaca, Mexico.  Ramon Ruiz is the agent that oversees the collection of coffee from all three-hundred fifty-one farmers and organizes its next step in the supply chain.  This specific coffee was sent to Veracruz to be decaffeinated by the Mountain Water Process and our importer, Crop to Cup Coffee Importers paid extra for an added, non-standard step in the process to keep this coffee as clean as before it was decaffeinated.  This decaf is sweet, and nuanced and we bet you can fool your friends with it. 


Country/Region: Mexico / Oaxaca 

Farmer: San Pedro Sochiapam

Cultivar: Typica and Caturra

Altitude:  1460masl

Processing: mountain water process