Chorro Blanco | Peru

Chorro Blanco | Peru

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Heavy bergamot & black tea in the aroma followed by a nice, big body full of dark fruit with a teddy-graham finish

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Gregorio Esquen Davila has a 20-hectare farm (just shy of 50 acres). He is a young producer, growing coffee on 2 of those hectares and is dedicated to improving his techniques and quality. The coffee is picked ripe, de-pulped that day or the next, and then fermented for 20–25 hours dry. After fermentation, it is washed clean of mucilage and dried on patios and on rooftops under shade. Drying usually takes about 20 days.

Cafe Imports is the Importer for this fine coffee and we're excited to be able to partner with them in their pursuit of incredible micro-lots from Peru.


Country/Region: Peru, Cajamarca

Farmer: Gregorio Esquen Davila

Cultivar: Caturra, Yellow Caturra, Typica

Altitude:  1900masl

Processing: Washed