Mutana Hill | Burundi

Mutana Hill | Burundi

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Close your eyes and imagine drinking peach juice with whiskey…that’s basically Mutana Hill.

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In the remote coffee lands of northern Burundi, most coffee grows between 1700 and 2100 masl on small family farms and virtually all the coffee in the region is Bourbon. This Bourbon is from the Heza washing station and was grown above 1900masl on Mutana Hill, where 1400 families are part of the Long Miles Coffee Project. Olam has purchased lots from two relatively new washing stations in the high hills of the Kayanza region. The Bukeye station was constructed in 2013 and the Heza station in 2014. Both washing stations were built by the Carlson family as part of their Long Miles Coffee Project, an effort to improve quality through intensified sorting throughout the milling process, facilitate direct connections between farmers and roasters, and improve the livelihood of local coffee farmers. In addition to several quality sorts, coffee is also sorted by the distinct hill on which it is grown.


Country/Region: Burundi/Kayanza

Farmer: Mutana Hill Residents

Cultivar: Bourbon

Altitude:  1700-2100m

Processing: Washed