If you've noticed the recent deluge of Facebook posts, tweets and Instagram pics from us, you can tell we've been pretty excited to have our coffee being served at TED2013. To have been selected for this is a great testament to our work through Deeper Roots Development with the growers of our La Armonia Hermosa coffee as well as our focus on perfecting our craft as roasters.  What you may not have picked up on is how much we at Deeper Roots enjoy what the TED conference is about. We especially enjoy the TED Talks that they make available free, online for everyone's inspiration and knowledge enrichment. We've put together a list of recommendations to get you started in exploring the "Ideas Worth Sharing" available for free at www.TED.com Recommendations from our staff:

Ryan - [ted id=1092]

Adam - [ted id=475]

Courtney - [ted id=1377]

Greg - [ted id=453]

Les - [ted id=1617]